TinyTip for Those With Athlete’s Foot

Have athlete’s foot on one foot only?

If so, then one way to keep your socks straight on a long hike is to buy two pairs of the same sock but each with different colors, then wear them as a mismatched set.

In the example below, I use the red socks for the left foot and the other for my right foot. That way I don’t have to worry about putting my fungally sock on the clean foot.



Cool map & compass navigation tip


Cool Navigation Tip I learned at a refresher nav course: use some twigs, straight ones please, to put on your map to check when at a fork in the trail.

Align your map and compass north and in the direction of the fork:. Put the twigs onto the fork on the map to emphasize the angle. Visually check how the twig fork matches what you see in front of you. Pick the proper fork.

I’ve used this tip already twice since learning it, to figure out unmarked trail forks.

Only wimps carry toothbrushes

Substitute for a backpacking toothbrush?

This is intended for brushing the teeth of babies and young children not old enough yet to do their own.

The bristles are very soft. It comes packaged with a gel and is made by Orajel.

As you can see, it fits on the end of adult’s finger and you then stick your finger in your mouth and clean all you want.

It weighs only 1 gram.

Maybe you’d like the Sesame street one ;)