View from Wauna Point

View of the Columbia River and Gorge from Wauna Point, with the Bridge of the Gods and the towns of Cascade Locks, OR and Stevens, WA in the center, and Mt. Adams in the distance. img_9472



I love these old handmade signs by the legendary Basil Clark. Here’s my favorite on the Wygant Trail.  “Chetwoot” is the Chinook term for black bear.

Ironically, the wooden sign is in much better shape than the unmaintained Chetwoot Loop trail itself.


Tanner Butte & Dublin Lake

Dublin Lake

Lunch stop at lovely Dublin Lake, on weekend trip up through Tanner Butte. Got here early, well before noon, and had the place all to myself for a nice long lunch.

Saw salamander in the lake, too. And a deer and two fawn paced me for over a mile on the trail on the way up, staying about 50 yards ahead of me.

A few people arrived later on, on way through the loop to Eagle Creek. I pushed on to avoid the latecomers, over the other side of the butte. It was a quiet night though. Turned around and came back the same way to avoid fighting the weekend crowds swarming up the Eagle Creek side.