Sinuses are your friends

Gear I Like

I live on the wet side of the Cascades. My sinuses like that, a lot. Grey and rainy it is, almost all year, but wonderful for keeping them happy.

When I travel to the dry side of the Cascades in central Oregon – or when I fly on a plane or visit dry spots like Denver or Santa Fe – I take a tube of Ayr saline nasal gel. I daub some on the it helps a good deal. It’s not perfect, but it helps.

Only wimps carry toothbrushes

Substitute for a backpacking toothbrush?

This is intended for brushing the teeth of babies and young children not old enough yet to do their own.

The bristles are very soft. It comes packaged with a gel and is made by Orajel.

As you can see, it fits on the end of adult’s finger and you then stick your finger in your mouth and clean all you want.

It weighs only 1 gram.

Maybe you’d like the Sesame street one ;)