Newberry Crater

Took a few days trip camping and hiking out to Newberry Crater, aka Newberry Caldera, aka Newberry Volcanic National Monument, aka Newberry National Volcanic Monument, aka Newberry Volcano, which contains Paulina and East Lakes, as well as the “Big Obsidian Flow”, all in lovely central Oregon. Here’s some pics.

Newberry Crater - East Lake

Remnants of central caldera dome, from East Lake, on a sunny afternoon.

Newberry Crater - View of Mt Bachelor and South Sister over Paulina Lake from the Big Obsidian Flow

View of Mt. Bachelor and South Sister just below the clouds, over Paulina Lake, from the Big Obsidian Flow in foreground.


Warm springs on the north shore of Paulina Lake. You can sit in them. Most were rather lukewarm, but a couple were nice and toasty.