Oregon PCT: Cascade Locks to Timberline

Did first part of my PCT hike from Cascade Locks to Timberline Lodge. Stayed overnights at Wahtum Lake, near Lolo Pass, and above Little Zigzag Canyon, ambling into Timberline Lodge early morning the fourth day for their breakfast buffet :)

Here’s some pics.

Day one was cloudy and misty, threatening to rain. Hiking across Benson plateau was literally walking in the clouds. Evening arrival at Wahtum Lake brought the first sun breaks all day.


Sun breaks continue early day two and finally a view of Mt Hood peaking out from the clouds.


Lost Lake peaking through the trees.


Over the hills and far away. Day three ascending from Ramona Falls up to Timberline, looking west.


Mt Hood from the south side, looking at Paradise Branch Falls from Zigzag Glacier that soon join the main Sandy River.


Sunset reflecting off Mt Hood, from east side of Zigzag Canyon.


Sunset reflecting off Mt Hood, from east side of Zigzag Canyon. Hiked until after sunset today.


Gear on morning four. Bivied out for night three on east side above Little Zigzag Canyon.


Obligatory, yet elusive selfie, with trusty Tilley hat.