Ultra Simple GPS Device?

Why isn’t there a simple GPS device that just shows your current coordinates??

Just that one thing. No bells, no whistles. One thing.

No tracking, no maps, no waypoints. Just one button and your location shown in Lat/Lon and UTM format. (Ok, maybe some format alternatives or datum choices, but no other features.)

With loooong life battery.

Just press a button to turn it on, get a lock, get your coordinates, turn it off. So, the battery should last weeks or months without recharging because it is not constantly on.

Just getting coordinates is essentially what I use my phone for. I use the iOS MilGPS app to get my UTM coordinates and then check them against my map.

But, having that on the phone means a long, involved process of setting down the pack, fishing out my phone, taking it out of the waterproof plastic, turning it on, wait, wait, waiting for it to boot, entering the code, firing up the MilGPS app, and waiting for it to get a GPS lock. Once I have the coordinates, I have to turn the phone off and restow it (and everything else around it) without succumbing to the temptation to use it for other things.

Instead, imagine:

A small, simple device on my pack shoulder pad or neck lanyard or in my map case; flick a switch to turn it on and wait for it to get a GPS lock to read my coordinates – all while still hiking.

I wish there were such a device. I’ve looked for one but can’t find it.

Where’s Adam Smith’s invisible hand when you need it?