My Caldera Keg

Kegmods-2016-03-22 My Caldera Keg setup, for use with the Esbit fuel mainly, includes two useful mods:

1) A carbon felt fabric strip that wraps about 3/4 of the way around, held in place by a “beer band” that comes with the Keg. (Carbon felt from Minibulldesign Cult.)

This solves the problem of picking it up out of the cone when it is hot, hot, hot with boiling water. Too hot for the usual bandana trick. It is an aluminum beer can after all.

Now, you could JB- Weld it into place, but I tried it on a test can and it was not much lighter than the beer band. So I use the beer band, which is both adjustable and detachable.

2) A protective bottom sleeve to keep the smudgy residue that Esbit fuel leaves on the bottom of the can from getting onto other things. This is simply a medium size boil-in-bag (from Pack-it Gourmet I think), cut down to fit at the top.

Additional weight of these three components: 17 grams.

I’d like to give a big thank you to Rand Lindsly from Trail Designs for working with through several long emails to help perfect my Keg setup. Terrific customer service!