The MLD Trailstar

My current setup: MLD Trailstar with a BearPaw PentaNet 2 inner bug net. Three different pitches:

1) On typical campground hard packed pitch. Intended for tents with poles instead of stakes, this is really hard to pitch on, but at this site was my only option due to the space. Notice I have used long lines and rocks to spread the tarp out. Stakes did not work well here. It rained several hours this night as a storm blew in, but there was no splash into the inner liner.

2) In order to avoid both a hard packed tent area and also some wind off a nearby lake, I lowered one side against the wind, and raised the other with two long lines, one to a tree and one to the picnic table, letting in some circulation to the downwind side.

3) A pitch in the dirt with stakes, which works great. This was in a hotter location, not in the mountains, but along a river bottom in otherwise hot and dry area. Hence, the high raised tarp to let in a lot of air to cool off at night. The center pole is my wooden hiking staff, about 48″ high. Lots of air circulating underneath.


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