Boil in bag eggs

I learned how to cook this way from a camp host out in the Ochoco last summer. This technique works well, is clean and healthier than frying as you need no oil at all. When done, the omelette will simply roll right out of the bag without sticking and leave little or no mess.

TIP 1: Egg-beaters – I always use egg-beaters instead of actual eggs, and that makes it even easier, healthier and cleaner.

TIP 2: The Stir –  It will help speed the cooking if you move the bag around to even out the cooking. I often pull the bag out about half way through (roughly about 5-7 minutes) and stir the ingredients up to mix them.

TIP 3: Ingredients –  Some ingredients may not cook as well as others. Don’t put in raw bacon, for instance; it won’t get done. Raw onions will still be pretty raw, while green onions work well.  I find spinach works very well.


** Be careful to NOT let the zip-loc bag touch the edges of the pot you are boiling it in or it will melt the plastic! **

While the bag will boil without a problem and not even come close to melting, it will melt – and melt quickly – if it touches metal or direct flame. So watch the top where it might come to rest on the side of your pot for more than a couple of seconds and start to melt.

So pick a pot that is wide enough to give it room to flop the top over without touching the pot and pay close attention the entire time while cooking it.


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