Reflectix, the miracle substance

DIY pot cozy for my Snow Peak 700. This is based on Jim Wood’s great article “Three Mods for your Mug”

I found the Reflectix at my local Home Depot, but it took some doing to get it. Most of the staff there had no idea what I was looking for and sent me to look at plumbing insulation instead. Fortunately, one person did know – and they had two rolls of it tucked away in a unlabeled corner. Anyway, I now have enough for a lifetime of cozy making. 

I should add that in addition to the the Reflectix and duct tape in Jim Wood’s original design, I added some insulation at the bottom of the cozy, a round piece of blue closed cell foam, left over from modding my sleeping pad. That adds a bit of height to the cozy (3/8") but provides a lot more insulating power at the hottest spot, the bottom.

Weight of the cozy: 30 grams.


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